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Is this a good CO2 set up and price?

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-- Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 1000 -- ($90 retail) The best CO2 reactor out there
-- CO2 meter -- ($10 retail)
-- Milwaukee CO2 Adjustable Flow Pressure Regulator with Solenoid ($96 retail)
-- Milwaukee pH Monitor SMS120 ($75 retail)
-- 20lb CO2 tank (empty) -- ($50 retail)
They're asking $150. It's used, obviously.

The set up would be a 45 gallon aquarium and a couple of 10 or 15 gallons, so I'd have to buy a multiple outlet thingie.

As you can tell, I know next to nothing about pressurized CO2 and I don't even know if this is a complete system or if I'd be ripped off by buying it.
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The Aquatek might be a bit better than the Milwaukee model. But, it is just hearsay fo me as I have never used either.

You really don't need a pH monitor, but it doesn't hurt to have one.

That 20 lbs CO2 tank is a giant plus.

If the regulator is in good shape and it is not broken, $150 seems like a good deal.
I was thinking about this one but 6 outlets may be more than I need. I really should A. Read up on pressurized CO2 and B. Decide how many tanks I want it for!
Make sure the 20lb cylinder will fit your cabinet. Some people have trouble fitting them in.

I think it could easily be debated whether the Aqua Medic reactor is the best out there. Quite honestly, the DIYs are known to be excellent. However, you don't lose anything getting it as part of the package deal since the DIYs are inexpensive to make if you ever wanted to switch.

Make sure the regulator has the needle valve and bubble counter attached. Also make sure the gauges aren't blown.

The pH controller needs to have a probe. If the probe has been allowed to dry out, it may need to be replaced.

If everything is in good working order, it's a good price. If you're buying this from a trusted source, then I'd suggest going for it. If it's from a complete stranger, then the only concern would be if everything's working. The brands are very basic and known to fail over time so you don't want someone dumping a defective system on you. That's not to say the brands are bad. I'm currently using the same brands except I use a DIY Rex Griggs style reactor.
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The 20lb tank alone cost more than $119 brand new.

$150 for all listed is a good deal.
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