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is this a decent setup for selling some aquarium plants

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every spring my mom does a plant sale (veggies mostly). since I have got a little planted tank crazy I was considering selling some aquarium plants in addition to what she sells since i help her run it anyways. i also want something as well that i can use to grow up some plants for going into my other tanks and something to hold my prunings from.

once her seedlings are big enough and its warm enough for them to be outside i can use her grow lamps. 48 inch t12 and t8 lights (twin bulb fixtures) and i have at least one tub already so my investment is very little up front.

this is what i am considering setting up:

2 tubs to start with

an air stone running to each off of the pump that runs my 30 gallon. it is rated for either 70 or 80 gallons. wondering if a couple cheap sponge filters are a better idea?

pea gravel or some other cheap alternative to hold things down

1 or 2 of the grow lights over the tubs. thinking one should be sufficient without farming algae.

i have 3 tanks and will use what i vac out of those for most of the nutrients with some if not any extra ferts. will be starting with easier plants that i have already. wisteria, hornwort, anacharis, duckweed, all my extra java ferns. the duckweed i will just throw in a shallow tub outside in the sun though.

any advice/critique is greatly appreciated. i'm not looking to get rich doing this but some extra money would be nice to at least help pay for the hobby. i also don't like the idea of tossing my overgrowth out. probably the best part of being single again after 6 years is not hearing, "hell no!".
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I was planning on another type of floater like frogbit. my mom likes duckweed in her pond and I have some in another tank so I am going to grow up a batch of that anyway when she gets it running again here soon.

as long as these two people buy my holey rock and terrarium today I can upgrade the light on my 55 and depending what I can grow with that will determine what i will grow up to sell. trying to stick to easier stuff since i am pretty new to planted tanks. had good luck so far which has never been the case. haven't tried plants since i was about 15 (15 years ago).

i am planning on a trip to a couple lfs to see what all they have here soon to give me a better idea. like i said i am not trying to get rich or too crazy and end up out a bunch of money. just have more to offer at her sale this year for aquatic plants than just a few water lilies and mini cattail.
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