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I have a 50 gallon 36"x18"x18" with a sump with a decent amount of plants.
I keep the temp around 74-76 degrees. I do 25% water changes weekly.

GH is 7
KH is 7
PH is 7.4 - 7.8
Stock list:
8 Venezuelan Red Sailfin Cory average of 1" in size
4 Otocinclus 2" in size
3 Golden Wonder Killifish (all males) 3" in size
10 Green Tiger Barbs about 1" in size

Everyone is happy, healthy and gets along quite well.

I am wondering if there is room for more? A singular fish? Or a small school of something? I understand Barbs can be nippy and the Killifish will eat what will fit in there mouth.

I would love to hear thoughts from others if there space for something else or if I am well stocked/overstocked.

Thank you
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