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Is there hope for my aponogeton?

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I have an aponogeton that sprouted from a tuber. It is quite large, reaching 14" or so to the surface with maybe 30 or so leaves. It flowered and was doing well. A couple of weeks ago I had to move it. I carefully tried to scoop it up with the substrate to move it.
Now the leaves around the outside of the plant are dieing and disintegrating. Should I cut back ALL the leave or do a major trimming of the leaves? Should I add some root fertilizer?

The lighting is 65 w, 10 hours. I am on maintenance mode for my tank untill I can afford the CO2. So no ferts are being added. I do have some algae issues but nothing that a weekly cleaning isn't keeping in check. A little bit of everything, diatoms, spot, brush algae.


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Some Aponogeton sp. are from places with wet and dry seasons, so when the plant goes through a climate change (or sometimes for no reason at all), then it can go dormant. All the leaves fall off and it's dead... but then 6 months later it starts to regrow! There are sites with instructions for "hibernating" them too, in wet peat in a closet or something along those lines. I don't remember the details since I've never done it - I tend to just leave 'em there and wait for them to bounce back.

So don't worry - I'd be VERY surprised if you killed it. Apons are quite hardy!
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