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Is there a way to get superglue off plastic?

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Is there a way to get superglue off plastic?

I overstretched an O-ring for a sunsun Canister filter by putting on the top the wrong way. I was trying to superglue it to hold it on the canister filter and ended up with a total mess which causes more leaks than before.

I read on the Internet that Acetone can dissolve super-glue but could also dissolve plastic as well. The canister filter is kind of a backup/extra filter so its not time sensitive.

Has anyone know of a somewhat aquarium safe way to get the super glue off the inside of the canister filter?

When I say " somewhat Aquarium safe" I don't mean something that can be used in an Aquarium but rather in a way that it came be eventually cleaned and/or detoxified to make it aquarium safe.

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I think anything that removes the glue will damage the plastic. Acetone (nail polish remover) works great on glass, but will damage plastic as you stated. Best bet may be chiseling it off with something like an x acto knife. You'll want a blade like the ones in the bottom left of the picture. The trick is to put the bevel side down and glide the blade across the surface, chipping away at the glue. Bevel side up and you will dig in and damage the plastic. With sharp blades and a light touch you should be able to remove the glue. Light sanding may or may not be necessary afterwards. Good luck!

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There are a couple ways to make superglue brittle which makes removal significantly easier. First is freezing, seriously just plop the whole thing in the freezer, which has the advantage of not requiring chemicals. The second is soaking in Simple Green, which I can't say I'd suggest because I'd be worried about residue.

If neither of those works for you, I'd suggest Googling along the lines of getting superglue off plastic models since it's a common problem in that hobby.
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