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Is There a Type of Shrimp to Breed Blue Velvet Shrimp With for The Offspring to Come out Purple?

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I have quite a few blue velvets, and I've noticed that in all of the pictures of small aquarium shrimp that I've seen, I've never actually seen a purple variation. I know the basics of color say that red and blue make purple, but I also know that red cherry shrimp and blue velvet will make natural wild colored offspring. I thought it might be a fun experiment to see if there was something to breed my blues with to make purple! any tips or ideas on what to breed them with? thx😁
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Color palates don't mix the same way when it comes to tissue/scale/shell coloration, they are determined by genes. There are genes for shell opaqueness and color pigment as well. The genes that control these parameters are where you want to start researching if you want to get into breeding.

As far as I know, purple seems to be an extremely rare recessive morph that happens to one out of every thousand or so blues. Not sure on the viability of stabilizing that color, but it doesn't seem likely as you can't even gather a breeding colony of purples. Even if you did, they'd breed blue almost always.
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