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Is there a shrimp for...

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I am planning to create a black water nano fish aquarium. The buffers I am using are phosphate based and so I am concerned about algae. Is there a shrimp I can use for algae control in the following parameters?

With PH at around 6.2 - 6.4, dK at 1 or less, dH at 3 or less, using peat moss and/or IAL or an extract.

I am planning to keep plants in the tank, but am not very familiar with how plants and phosphates interact.
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Not sure about the shrimp, but it's better to use dead oak leaves instead of peat moss. Fish and shrimp like to nibble on the leaves, plus they're free and it doesn't hurt anything to gather them up.
I've had success with dried magnolia leaves as well. :)
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