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did some messing around with First Class package for some lightweight plants (got the idea from acitydweller!) and it worked just fine, same delivery times as Priority mail, cheaper and the package just has to be under 13 ounces.

You can use regular stamps and even drop it in a mailbox (I gave mine to the mailroom here at work), the "Forever" stamps are worth the current first class rate at the time of mailing (45 cents right now)

The trick - go online to convert your weight into cost, the "normal" first class rates for envelopes are just a little lower that the first class package/box rate, some others on the board report having packages returned for lack of just a few cents postage. If your work has a postage scale that tells you how much to put on, it is probably reporting the envelope rate.

Worked great for a java moss & small trims RAOK, the box probably weight more than the plants, the whole thing came in at 10 oz. If I had a thinner walled box laying around it would have been about half the cost of Priority.
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