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Is there a market for goat heart?

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This friday we plan on processing out goats and sheep. Now, I know there is a market for beef heart with fish food, but what about goat and sheep heart? I was thinking I could take a few of the hearts and sell them in the SnS. I won't post a picture as some might find it vulgar and things of that nature is against the forum rules. But just wondering, is there a market, I am asking if you had the money just given to you, would you buy a heart? My fish love it, from cichlids to ember tetra, to WCMM, they all love it but would you use it or just countinue to use flakes or normal fish food? This is not a sales thread so please do not PM asking about it unless I get a thread started in the SnS.
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i know most people that do their own mixes for discus on Simply do it with beefheart strictly due to the cheaper price tag. if you could sell it at a competative rate you can sell A LOT of it over there, trust me.
It is going to be hard to sell something like this online, competitively. It is going to need to be shipping over night, in insulated boxes with ice packs...

I can buy beef heart dirt cheap at the butcher, not that I feed it anymore as it really is just too high of protein for most fish. Mammal based protein is just a little harder to digest, too.
some people eat it
I didn't even know people eat goat.
A big chunk of the world practically survives on it...
I don't eat goat, as it is hard to come by locally, but I loooooooooove lamb. MMMmmm.
I love lamb too, but I always feel bad after I eat it. Like at Disneyland, 100$ plate of lamb. Soooo good, I even got pictures.
Another thread successfully derailed by OverStocked.

Sorry, Caton!
Don't think I've seen sheep heart even in the Asian Supermarket. The only hearts I've eaten are beef, pig, chicken, duck, and turkey.

I like lamb too, I prefer American lamb over New Zealand lamb, because the American lamb has that distinct flavor due to the lamb being older. Goat is okay.
There is a Jamaican restaurant here in town that serves jerked goat with rice and it is delicious, but you have to watch out for the bones.
I goy turkey heart also...well...used to. I might post over at simply discus, but prolly not. I just wanted to know if it was worth it, thanks for your input!

Lamb is better than goat, but goat is easier. Now if you have homemade lamb sausage with waffles...
This makes me a sad panda.
I am sorry you feel that way, have you been goat deprived your whole life?

"Welcome to Hay place! Petting zoo closes at 2:00 and the goat roast starts at 3:00" - Dwight on the office
I'm a breed goats just for there hearts. j/k LOL
We breed them for multiple things, like hides, milk, meat, and their personailty. I want to train a few to pull a cart but there are many people who hopped the border and came here for the orchards that would love some goat.

Once, one of out goats was painted, somebody snuck in the middle of night and painted it. Not cool, turns out it was a prank done by a friend...we chastised him for that.
like mentioned before, your biggest competitor will be your local butcher. Shipping these would be what hinders your over all competitive pricing.
This was the first thread I saw this morning. I was like "Huh, that's an odd question..."

And that's coming from a Black Angus breeder! :hihi:

I love lamb too. And squab, now that's not one you see everyday!
if it were local, I would buy it, for my ferrets, not my fishes. A full diet for ferrets is fairly hard to maintain and since commercial ferret foods are crap I make my own food, organs are a great ingredient. you wouldn't believe how many commercially suplieed "ferret" foods boost their protein numbers with rice or soy, ferrets cannot digest plant protein at all. I drop a whole chicken sans feathers in a crock pot for 10 hours along with whatever organs I can get from the butcher. then puree (bones and all) and freeze. I have yet to find a ferret that wont eat it. the bones and organs are super important for ferrets as a lot of the nutrients they derive from foods is in whats already digested in the preys intestines, and the bone particles help reduce hairballs.
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