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is there a green an black version of hair algae?

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I have lots of black, what i can only identify as hair algae, all over my micro swords, vallis, and water wysteria, i inject c02 and av 4 x T8 bulbs over my 31x12x15 tank. Iv started doign 50 percent water changes every 2 days and stopped dosing, teh tnak has 30 fish including 5 ottos, is ther anythign that eats this algae, do ammanos, and hwo can ir id it?
ta ( first thread ) :D
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it's probably not hair algae which grows in long strings.
if it's in short tufts then that would be black beard algae.
the green stuff is simply the young new version, while the
black is the old mature stuff that no fish/shrimp can remove.

i took a sample to my lfs, and they said , filamenus, ro something, which is hair algae, but mien apears in logenr bits black, and in som area a dark shade fo green, si der a way i can psot pictures here,, i have beard algae, teh realy tough very short stuff,.
got pics

peethaps staghorn as it does have soem smaller side wyas peices comign off the bgi strands, , you might have to paste that into your adress bar, i know ther is 1 peice fo beard algae in that pic but whats the otehr stuff?
any help is great, ta
ammos added

added 8 ammanos, all quite small today (all they had left in lfs| pretty sure its filamentous, just realy dark green. i hope they liek to munch it.
has any one read on The Krib that gold babrs eat hair algae?
I today added 6 small 3 female, 3 male, Gold babrs as i red on the krib that that they eat hair algae
Zack, I'm afraid you are missing the point.
adding those fish would have been prudent before this algae outbreak.
at this point, you are simply adding more bio-load and making it worse.
I hope I'm wrong, so good luck to you.
And it also isn't just one algae. From that picture I see Staghorn and BBA... You have something up with your water. Something is out of wack.

You should read some stuff about those algaes to understand them better.

You want to get rid of it and have it not come back, not just cover it up. And those fish may snack on those shrimp...

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