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Is there a fertilizer that is safe for shrimp and Moss Balls?

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I know you can use excel if you are careful but don't really want to do that. And it would be bad for the Moss Balls since they are a type of algae. I have been using light monthly doses of Florapride without realizing it might be bad for the Moss Balls, though they seem unaffected. I am more into the shrimp but like the plants also, and I like the beneficial ways they help water quality.

I currently have, in several tanks:

Neocardina shrimp

Rotala rotundum
small Crypts
Java moss
Java Fern
Moss Balls
and a couple other stem plants
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Rootmedic works well. So does Seachem Flourish + Excel (dose excel 1/2 strength).
Yeah rootmedic, pfertz, or just plain old dry fert mix is good too. I got my dry ferts from Nilocg. Great price and lasts for a while

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Are the dry ferts just added to the water column?
Are the dry ferts just added to the water column?
You can but many will mix up a batch in distilled or RO/DI water and then add the appropriate amount of solution to the tank. There are thread in the ferts section talking about a couple different fertilizing methods.

It also depends on your lighting and whether you are doing CO2, but if you're asking about excel, I'd assume no CO2. If low tech, you wouldn't be using loads of ferts anyways, so your shrimp will be fine.
Definately low tech. Low to medium light, just looking for something for the plants while not hurting the shrimp and the Moss balls.
I'd just go with a low dose mix, either something commercial or get some dry ferts and make your own.
Thanks for the input, I think I will go the low dose route and see how it goes.
I use JBL 24/7 one drop everyday and JBL Ferropol 1/2 the dosage recommended once a week after 10-15% water change. I have 16-17 different types of mosses a few of them are rare.
Tom barr posted a tank a while back with EI dosing, no CO2 and it was epic. A little dry ferts will go a long way in a shrimp tank. Like half doses maybe

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