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I've had this trio of Apistogramma cacatuoides for probably around 6 months now and up until now never had any real issues. Up until a month ago there were also schoolers in the tank but they slowly died off (they were pretty old) and I haven't replaced them so it's just been the apisto trio.

I was watching this afternoon as the male was pestering one of the females (she seemed to be initiating it though) and I noticed that she was looking a little beaten up. Nothing too bad and she seems perfectly healthy, eating normal, etc. When the male saw me he rushed over and after a few seconds she rushed over to grab his attention again.

Is he beating her up some or is this something else? She is fairly lightly colored because the male is right off camera so she is in breeding colors. I just want to know if she looks ok, if they need to be separated for a bit or if it's the start of something worse. I have a feeling that since the other female is in one of the caves likely with eggs he might just be getting a little aggressive with no one else to draw his attention.

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