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Is my young Lambchop rasbora suffering?

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One of my small lambchop Rasboras is having a thick, solid, white discharge at the tail end. It doesn't look like body waste. I noticed it y,day night and it was behaving rather strangely rolling on its stomach.

Today morning it's still there but the fish seems to be fine swimming along the school.

Is this common or something to be worried about? Any enlightened souls?

today :3/

The Rosbora has dropped the extra luggage but is turning white. If I have to use internal parasite, is there any recommendation? I am posting its before and now pictures

Thanks a lot in advance
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That's kind of wierd. I really can't help but I will tell you if something goes wrong with one fish and all the rest of the aquarium is doing well, I don't bother worrying about it. Not all fish are meant to live to ripe old age even with the best care, just like us.
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