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solved - I checked my tank this morning and there were two molts and all the shrimp seemed good so I think it was just having trouble molting. I don't know if the twitching is normal but so far everything seems fine

I just transferred my shrimp into a new nano tank, and everyone seems super happy and healthy but today I noticed one of my shrimp acting strange.there's some algae and java moss spread around because I took these plants from an older tank so they have plenty to eat as well and they all have been eating. I did water changes and I acclimated them. At first, the shrimp was hanging out with another shrimp of similar size and it randomly spazzed out and did a little flip and then was back to just standing still. At first, I thought the other shrimp attacked it but eventually, the other shrimp walked away and the concerning shrimp was in the same spot. It did 2-3 little twitches, spaced out within about a 2-minute span, this wasn't back-to-back twitching. eventually, the shrimp made its way to the corner (not far from its original spot) and hasn't moved. I know they get lethargic while molting and I just transferred them over yesterday so it makes sense, it's just the twitching that concerned me. When I get a close look, there is movement inside the shrimp. It's hard to see in the video but I took a picture of the area where there is movement. I'm currently waiting for my good camera's battery to charge and will take a better video where hopefully it is visible. I'd just like to know what is happening if anyone has any idea? Thank you for the help! sorry I have an iphone se not a very good quality vid

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update: when I came back everyone was moving around on the ground cleaning the substrate including this one. I kept an eye on the group and eventually, the one twitched again so I immediately took out my phone to get it on video but this is all that happened when I started recording (video below). Just going around like normal (its the shrimp that starts on the left of the two bigger ones in the video. You can kind of tell which one I'm following in the video - I did keep noticing other shrimp pushing it out of the way but it also just seemed like they just were walking in the same direction, kind of like what happens on the rock towards the end of the video below. i know this is a lot over a shrimp but i want to know what is going on lol
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