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Is my HC carpet in danger of completely uprooting?

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65-gallon, high-light, pressurized CO2. ADA ferts.

I am blessed with a really lush HC/glosso carpet. The glosso used to be predominant, but in the past few months HC seems to be winning the day. And while the glosso had relatively deep roots, the HC roots seem really shallow.

The photos below show what appears to be spontaneous uprooting of the HC. Does this happen because I let it get too thick? Would more frequent trimmings help out? These photos were taken about 2 weeks after a trim. The plant height pre-trim was about twice what it was in these photos.

Anyway, do I have to worry about the whole thing detaching from the soil and floating away? Sometimes when I try to tweezer out little bits of java moss in the HC, large clumps of the HC will come away with it.



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That's a really thick (and healthy looking) HC carpet.

It will eventually uproot and float away, given its current condition.

Trimming it now will not help it anchor again (but in the future, trimming it before it gets this thick will help it stay down). I think the best bet might be to rip up the portions that are not anchored down and replant.
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