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Is my filter dead?

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I cleaned one of my two Penguin 200 filters on my tank tonight. When I plugged the cleaned filter back in, the other filter turned off, and it will not turn back on no matter where I plug it in. What can I do? Was it a power surge?

If this is relevant, I also have the heater and lights plugged into the same power strip. The broken filter was working before.
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Did you check the impeller? Sometimes just taking it apart and putting together will start it up.Also check to make sure it's really full if water. Mine almost is silent when it doesn't have water in it to prime

Maybe you just have to clear the impeller.
There could be something blocking it.
I've had this happen with HOBs too, and a day or two later when I plug them in again, they work fine. I think the motors are prone to overheating, especially if run dry.
You could try to give it a little knock. Sometimes the impeller is just a little stuck. Cleaning the impeller well on a regular basis usually helps to keep this from happening too.
Open it up to the impeller and plug it in. If it's working that should magnetize the coils surrounding the impeller and you should be able to feel it. Don't expect it to turn as it has to be held centralized on its axis not touching the walls to do that but you will feel a huge difference in the strength of the magnetic attraction if it's working. The coils can burn out easily and it can happen at any time. There may or may not be a heat switch in it though I doubt it.
Before assuming it is dead, I would test it. Just two parts o the testing is pretty simple. Since the impeller magnet is most likely going to stay a magnet, I look at the coil. Unplug it, remove the impeller and still something metsl like a nail screwdriver, etc. down in the hole. You will find it has no magnets in the hole. Leave the metal in and plug it in . No danger involved as it is all in epoxy. Now with it plugged in, you should be able to feel the magnet pulling on the metal item. If so, the coil is good. If not, go back along the wire in the cord and feel for places where the wire may be broken inside the insulation. At the plug and where the cord enters the powerhead are suspect points to check really well. This does assume that you have plugged something else into that same outlet to verify power is there. Some outlets are wired so that the top and bottom pluggs are not the same power. One can be on a switched circuit and that can mess with your mind!
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