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Is My Cory Ok?

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2 days ago I got some peppered corydoras - one of them died before I even got to drop acclimate them. The other two are doing well in the tank. I called pets at home and they said I could come get a new cory. I’ve just brought him home today and noticed his fins are a bit ‘teared’ ? Not sure if that is the right word. I’ve added a picture of the new fish and the old one so you can compare. Should I take him back or is it fine? He also has a little white spot on his head - not sure whether that’s just his patterning as I’ve never kept corydoras before. Thank you 🙏
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Many of mine looked like that when I got them. They are all 18+ months old now.

Looks like standard shipping damage.

Feed them well, with plenty of water changes, and I’d bet that fin damage is repaired in short order.

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