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Is my atomizer producing too much CO2? Pics of my seltzer water

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Just yesterday I received the 50mm atomizer from GLA. I am going to wait until right before my lights/co2 go off so I can measure the KH/PH to get a good gauge of my C02 levels. At the moment I am dumping about 1-1.5 bps....the atomizer literally turns it into a fog like tiny bubbles that never really make it to the top and just spread all over the tank. As you can see in the pics, my water looks like soda.

I do not plan on keeping anything but mosses in this tank along with some endlers which are always hardy. The only reason there are even fish in this tank is that they keep the tank fertilized and I do not need to add anything else. My C02 and light only go on for 5 hours.

Is there a max that I can add before it actually starts to become detrimental to my moss? CO2 is pretty cheap so I can see myself upping the dosage even higher.

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The fish and inverts will have problems long before the plants will. But the problem with all the bubbles isn't because you have too much CO2 in the tank, but because the CO2 isn't combined with the water. It's still separated. Therefore, you can actually see it. That's the nature of an atomizer. Some people like it, some don't. To me, it's distracting and wasteful, but as you said, CO2 is cheap.
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