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Is mouth fungus contagious?

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My Danio has mouth fungus, fungus around his mouth only and is resting at the bottom of the tank. I just put him in a seperate tank. Is mouth fungus contagious and can it spread to the 6 cardinals in the 24g aquapod?

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Sure, fungus are living organisms.

1 of my rummynose tetras had mouth fungus, but was still able to eat. I kept it with the school if 18. The fungus went away eventually and now it's fine.

Quarantine is a good idea though.
Thanks, the Danio jumped into the filter compartment so maybe he got it there. I dont know how he got in the because there is only a half inch gap on the aquapod between the lid and the filter compartment.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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