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Is making DIY "all in one" fertilizer possible with EDTA ?

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Hi all,
I decided to switch from commercial fertilizers to buying dry components. So I bought potassium nitrate and monopotassium phosphate for the macros and Plantex CSM+B found on ebay for the micros. I've seen that Fe and other metals in the csm product where chelated with EDTA.
I would like to mix them in the same bottle as I created a automatic dosing system with an arduino and I would prefer not buying a second peristaltic pump.
So my question is : will mixing csm+b with potassium phosphate create ferric phosphate ?

Additionally, I've read this page and I understood that iron would stay chelated as other metals are. But it may still be able to react with phosphate, that's why I'm requesting help.
Does someone have any clue on this ?

Thank you for reading all this and sorry for my poor english
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When I looked into this in that past the main thing I remember is that Iron and Phosphate should not be dosed at the same time. So I just alternate them.

Sorry, I am not going to go study this again right now, but I really should learn this all better if I want to be better at this. Which I do... But in the meantime, I'm sure someone else will have a more thorough knowledge compared to my, "the only thing I committed to memory" comment.

Just found this craziness. I am not gonna read it, but there are people out there with the answers.
Every all in one fertilizer being sold has both PO4 and Fe in it.

This idea of precipitation has been widely dismissed at the levels that we are dosing in an aquarium. Even Tom Barr has said that there is no need to dose PO4 and Fe on alternating days as originally suggested for EI dosing.

There are lots of things to worry about when keeping a planted tank, but this ain't one of them.
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