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Is it worth me getting a planted substrate?

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Hi, i have got this stuff the=at looks like eco, but it is not and to get eco in my tank would cost £60 so i was wondering should i only buy 2 bags and mix it with the eco look alike or just buy seachem root tabs and tab the tank

also does a plant substrate really make much of a difference?
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I've heard people mixing things like Seachem flourite with small black gravel and it working fine. If your using eco-complete you may see some seperation with the bigger gravel getting to the top, but that would be over time.

It would still work, IMO. So go for it :)

You can make just about anything work as a substrate. It's just a matter of your ability to work around it enough to keep other factors inline with the substrate/water parameters.
Thanks Fishykid
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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