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Is it safe to place a Finnex Ray 2 DS directly on a glass lid?

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I'm thinking about having Killifish in my 30 gal, but that is going to require adding a lid to my tank.

I have the canopy that came with my tank, however it's a plastic unit with a glass strip just barely wider than my light itself; as a result, when I place the light on the legs on top of the glass, the plastic portions of the canopy drastically cut the light to the front and rear of the tank.

I'm wondering if it's safe for me to rest the Ray 2 directly on the glass, without the legs? This would keep the light nearly level with the rest of the hood, and let the light spread farther front-back.

I know that while this would be unsafe with conventional lighting, LEDs run quite cool and I'm under the impression that the metal casing of the Ray 2 serves to radiate any heat. Would heat be an issue if the unit were resting directly on the glass?
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