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is it enough?

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hi all!

i have a 80 gal bowfront tank and have two 96w at 6700k. is that enough for hc?

would switching to a t5 help? how? do i need a special ballast for a t5?

peter from gilroy:flick:
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sounds like enough
do you plan on co2 and ferts?
HC needs good CO2 to do well. With that HC doesn't need as much light.

Not all 96 watt PC lights are equal. Some, like the AH Supply kits, have great reflectors which almost double the light output, and others have virtually no reflectors. With an AH Supply light you certainly have more than enough light, but with others it is possible to not have enough.
what is "AH"?
Aquarium Hobbyist Supply

They sell PC DIY kits with excellent reflectors.
i have the catalina 2x96
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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