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First off I'm starting from nothing here and even worse, current tech illiterate.
Second it is straight forward to build from scratch using current available controller ect.. BUT it is not everyone cup of tea.
DMX and "smart lighting" seems to be an in-between technology.

So I'm digging for opinions on both techs. I don't know enough about either to make any judgements on either variety.
I do know that smart home lighting is tied to a err commercial protocol though DMX seems more open. Like Zigbee ect.
Is that a fair assessment?

Both sound easy but both seem complicated in the details.. like say programming a red channel to ramp up and down with multiple time points during a 24 hour period ect.
Both offer the ability to "zone" much easier than say building a DIY unit with the extra drivers ect.
DMX can go to the diode level which I assume isn't very convenient with smart lighting.

Soo stage lighting people and smart home users chime in please.
This may go nowhere but might be fun.

Network issues, real time keeping ect.. all fair game.
I'm posting a quote for lightheads that would be great for large tanks based on DMX.
I have no financial or personal ties with the company but thought it might be interesting from a financial point.

I "BELIEVE" the only option it to be tethered to a computer or inter-netted micro controller such as Pi or Aduino.
Or I suppose a phone app.
Well sort of obvious. I did find DMX can follow solar schedules as to emulate real conditions ut that was a specific unit

Some DMX units can run stand alone off a sd card program but see no way to keep it stable 24/7 without the internet.
There is "stuff" everywhere but specifics sort of nowhere.

As a smart home example.. how to program in Alexa.. See the issues in regards to aquariums?

I'll be awaiting the smart people on this.. :)

Am I over or under thinking this?
Good on paper but impractical?
BTW: Pretty sure it has been done both ways so those that did it.. speak up please.


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