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is cool white cree XTE enough for plant growth ?

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Hi all

I have a clone of ADA 60P tank runing with 12 cree XTE LEDS at 1.5A with 45 degree lenses and at height of 14 inch ( 35 CM )

setup was 12 cree XTE LEDS : 6x cool white 6500 - 3x Warm white 3000k - 3x nature white 4000k

and everything was great and i had a nice plant growth and someday i decided to change the 3x nature white to cool white i just like the cooler look, but now my plants are not growing the same that was with the nature white specially the Pygmy Chain Sword it was growing like a weed

so from your experience is the Cool white XTE are not enough for the plant growth or i may have something wrong with my tank ?

it is low tech shrimp tank with no fertz or co2

photo period : 8 hours

plants: xmas moss , anubias nana , brown crypt ,Pygmy Chain Sword
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thank you for your input :) yeah i kept the WW's so my setup now is 9x CW and 3x WW

so you are saying if i used only cool whites i wouldn't have a good growth ?

and about co2 i have never used co2 with this tank and growth was perfect for a low tech tank , about fertz i used to dose very small amounts of kno3 , kh2po4 and some Fe but i really didn't dose for months now
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