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Is a slow flowing top filter bad?

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I have a 20gal planted tank, lots of plants.
The filter on the other hand is a Topfin 20 that came with a package deal I picked up at petsmart a long time ago.

I have never changed it out cause it was fine, but now that I've turned this tank into a planted tank it's slowed doen ALOT!
I have cleaned the whole filter several times and after about 2 days its back to its slow flowing nature.

I am curious if this will affect anything in the tank, being fish or plants?

If I do need to buy a new filter would I just place the old media in the new filter to keep the bacteria?
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yeh. topfin are kinda junky. Id toss it. replace it with something a little better quality. HOB's you're best bet is going with an Emperor. unless you're adding pressurized co2. then you would want to go with a cannnister.

and yeah toss the media pads in the new filter so the bacteira can spread to the new filter .
Is the intake clogging or the filter media?

Is the intake clogging or the filter media?
I'm not sure, I honestly think its just a crappy motor in the pump. Cause Like I said it slows down super quick even when its clean. And it's never performed like it did when new. Its about 2 years old now.

I plan on going pressurized soon, money issue. Should I invest into a cannister filter. Does it worth?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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