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is a grow tank worth it?

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locally I have a aquarium shop that request blyxa japonica regularly ( I supply every 1.5 months). I grow them pretty nice in my tank and when it comes time to thin it out I sell it for store credit for fish and supplies.

Recently another shop wants more in a few months. Its hard to get a nice scape and hold all these plants. I tried to setup a 5 gallon tank under my 55g but I dont think its enough to house many plants. I have a jbj 12 nano but its more of a display tank and I dont want it clutterd with just one plant

So do you guys think its worth it to try to go even bigger, say maybe a 10 or a 20l?

I should also mention I dont have alot of room in my bedroom
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You'll find that a lot of guys with salwater reef tanks have dedicated frag tanks for growing out coral to sell/trade. This is no different really.
I run a 29g Blyxa tank for this purpose. It is accented with a few swords. I call it my sword tank but its more of a blyxa tank. I either sell them here BOGO for $1 or trade my LFS.

Do it. I had one that was overflowing with blyxa. My LFS and friends loved it. I'm currently in the process of "rebuilding," and will probably have 2 20L tanks for growout/Iwagumi tanks.
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