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Is 3 gallons enough for about 5 shrimp?

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I'm still cycling it right now, but I'm extremely worried that it's going to be too small. The absolute last thing I want to do is abuse some poor little shrimps. And I really hope I don't get hate for this, I have anixety and just have been freaking out pretty badly for like 3 hours. This is my first aquarium ever and my dad bought the tank for me. Any and all advice is appreciated, thank you!
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I think they will be fine ♥

They will appreciate some moss and natural plants, as well as a somewhat matured tank with stable parameters and some developed algae and biofilm...

What kind are you getting?
Thank you so much for replying!!! I posted on two seperate subreddits because I've literally been having some sort of anxiety attack over this. I'm glad i found this site!
But I've ordered about 6 different plants (I
can give the names if needed) and I'm planning on getting some cholla wood for a little hideout (aside from any?? shade or what have you the plants will provide).
I wanted to get Green Jade shrimp, but if I should get a different kind, lmk!
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