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Is 3 gallons enough for about 5 shrimp?

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I'm still cycling it right now, but I'm extremely worried that it's going to be too small. The absolute last thing I want to do is abuse some poor little shrimps. And I really hope I don't get hate for this, I have anixety and just have been freaking out pretty badly for like 3 hours. This is my first aquarium ever and my dad bought the tank for me. Any and all advice is appreciated, thank you!
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For perspective, and many can disagree with this, OP, I've housed >50 shrimp in a 2-3 gallon before rehousing them, so they should absolutely be fine. One thing to note is the parameters, the smaller the tank, the faster parameters change, and SHRIMPS HATE CHANGE in parameters, be careful of that. Luckily for me, my 2-3 bowl was only for 4-5 months, and was close to the window where they do get a shift in temperature but for the most part was stable. In my experience, shrimps do better in cooler temps than warmer.
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