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Iron suppliment question

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I have a lot of red plants that I would like to intensify the color in.
Can someone recommend a good iron supplement. And also where to purchase an Iron test kit.
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You can get dry chelated iron at the on line stores that specialize in aquarium fertilizers.
One of them is

There are a couple of different ways they chelate the iron. My understanding is that one is better for high pH water, the other is better for low pH water, but that both are just fine at the sort of average pH that we tend to end up with in our tanks. But if your pH is way over to one side (either high, that is alkaline, way over 7; or on the low side, acidic, under 7) then get the one that better suits that pH.

I looked for iron test kits in the local stores but ended up getting one on line. It did not work. Never changed to a color on the card. That was a Red Sea kit.
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