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Iron Sulfate in the substrate

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I'm working on creating a substrate recipe and wanted some advice from the chemists out there in the group.

Is straight iron Sulfate mixed into a clay soil substrate accessible to plant roots? Does adding a small amount of organic matter such as peat moss make iron sulfate into the ferrous form of Iron so it's accessible to plant roots?

I've found a hydroponics supply store that sells dry fertilizer compounds and I'd like to take advantage of this to mix the proper fertilizers directly into a clay/gravel combination to provide a nutrient rich substrate.

So if there is any advice on what compounds I should add to a clay/gravel base I would greatly appreciate it.

Much thanks,
Kevin Stringer
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Changing my question

So further research has answered my initial question. Iron sulfate is indeed a ferrous iron so it would be accessible to plant roots - whether or not organic matter is needed for the humic acids to make that happen I'm not sure, but I do plan on adding a small amount of peat moss regardless.

Now my question is since I can buy bulk dry fertilizer compounds for specific minerals and nutrients, what would be a "perfect" recipe of compounds to add to a clay soil substrate mixed with gravel?

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer!

Kevin Stringer
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