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Iron in Rocks

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Hey guys, I was reading earlier and saw someone mention in passing that there is iron in some slate tiles. Low and behold I pull a piece out and I find what looks to be pitting. SO my worry is this iron/rust is jacking up my water. What do yall think?

Oh and I have a Honey Gourami, are they known for eating plants? She is picking on my camboa constantly and messing them up pretty bad. Any replies are appreciated.
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I really don't know the effect of iron in aquariums but it can't be that bad because I have over 50lbs of black, magnetic (so i suspect a lot of iron and it turns red in some spots). And I have very few problems and none that could be connected to the rocks.

I don't worry about it. Iron precipitates out of the water pretty easily. I always assumed that large amounts of iron would just precipitate out with the phosphate. I can't can't verify any of this its just my reasoning for not worrying about iron.:)
well we dose iron for our plants.... I dont know if it is the same though.
Yes we do, but everything we dose could be lethal at higher concentrations.

I don't know the LD50 of iron for anything but I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think iron ionizes into water very easily. We bind it with stuff to keep it in solution.
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