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Iron Deficiency

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I noticed new growth on all of my plants is very yellow, so I assume I have an iron deficiency. I went to the lfs and saw they had flourish and flourish iron. I decided to go with regular flourish, because I figured it was a good idea to have that anyway, and if I started dosing just iron, my plants would run out of some other nutrient. Good idea?

So I just started dosing flourish today, with about 2.5 ml for my 37 gallon. I am wondering if the yellow leaves will start to turn green, or if those will stay yellow and new growth will be green?
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2.5 ml for a 37 gallon ? Will that be Enough?..

Im not sure there will be enough Iron to turn the leafs back to green..

Like Rex said. FLourish is a Supplement.. not food
Well the bottle says 5ml treats 60 gallons. So 2.5ml would treat 30 gallons, and there isn't much more water than that. Do you think I should add more?
I really don't know too much about dosing yet. As I am just starting that adventure!

I had a similar problem and dosed both Iron and Potassium. I am not sure which worked (should have done them seperately for trial and error purposes), but it does take some time for the leaves to regain color with a low-tech tank. My leaves are starting to recolor and the growth has really picked back up over the past two weeks. I would give it some time. You can always dose more later on.
OK then dont add more.. though i doubt such little would help

You need to Buy the fert that are Food ,Potassium,Nitrogen,Phosphorus.

Or you could go With Dr Watson Dry Fert
You need to Buy the fert that are Food ,Potassium,Nitrogen,Phosphorus.
I understand those are the macro nutrients, and I am dosing micros. However, right now I have a symptom, and I am trying to treat it. If that goes away and in a month I see symptoms that lead me to believe I have a deficiency in one of the macro nutrients, I will dose that.

Is there anywhere that tells what ppm of each nutrient flourish will dose to?
Is it possible to turn those percentages into ppm?

Also, do you guys refrigerate your flourish? I would prefer not to, and they say it is not required. What do you think?
I refrigerate. I think its a pain too, but I would hate for it to go bad.
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