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Ion Plant Gravels

Bio-active clay gravel for any planted tank!

Plants love Ion Plant Gravels. Made of baked clay granules, Ion Plant Gravels feature a high cation exchange capacity; they sequester nutrient ions from aquarium water, then make them available to plant roots. Because of this strong and beneficial chemical effect, Ion Plant Gravels can temporarily lower mineral hardness and pH in the aquarium water, but this effect lasts only about one month as the clay particles become "loaded" with ions. You can perform extra water changes during this one-month period to prevent wide swings in water parameters.

The following list additional product specifications and offer details:

  • Triple-rinsed — low dust will cloud your water very little.
  • Moist-packed, not slimy wet — easier handling
  • Shrimp-safe, fish-safe
  • 31 cups (approximately 7.3 liters) covers with a layer 1.5" thick in a tank 12" X 24".
  • $23 shipped USPS Priority
Ion Brick | Plant Gravel

With an even grain size and slightly varied orange color, Ion Brick is gravel more attractive than a similar commercial aquarium plant product.

SOLD[strike] Ion Slate | Plant Gravel[/strike]

This is the Ion Slate is an attractive dark grey color that provides especially good contrast for aquarium plants and animals. I have just two portions of Ion Slate gravel available.
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