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Invertz Factory experience is an A+

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I just wanted to share with everyone with my experience with the Invertz Factory. The owners live here in McKinney where I live, and I stopped by today to check it out. It was unlike any 'store' Ive visited, the tanks were clean, no dead floaters, amazing prices, fish I had never even seen before, and quite possibly the most helpful person Ive met in the hobby so far. Niko opened his home to me and we chatted for about an hour, showed me his tanks, shared some experiences with problems I was encountering, etc. I just wanted to endorse these guys by saying it was a great experience.
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I plan on stocking my new tank using Invertz factory. I only hear the best :)
thats good to know they are righ tdown the road from me and i have thought about coming by there a few times just never have
Great company and very healthy livestock. And what I like the best, their shipping costs are reasonable.
Every fish that I have gotten in the past 8months has come from them, they are great. They will also do everything they can to make sure that any issues are taken care of quickly. These are the only guys I will deal with on the net. If they don't have a fish I want I'll just wait till they get it!!!
If they don't have a fish I want I'll just wait till they get it!!!
I couldn't have said it any better myself! I'm still crossing my fingers that they'll get dwarf puffers at some point, because I won't order from anyone else, and I want puffers!

Seriously, this is a top-notch operation run by top-notch hobbyists. If anyone is straddling the fence about ordering from them, I urge you to go through with it. You won't be disappointed!
+1 for InvertzFactory. Got some nice zebra nerites and plan to order more nerites from them soon.
I ordered nerites and assassin snails from them and the the service was quick, the packing excellent, and the live stock in great condition. I would buy from them again.
I purchased some furcata rainbowfish from them via AquaBid auction last year and was very happy with the quality of the fish and the service they provided. I'm planning on buying some more fish from them soon.
Wonderful people with wonderful livestock.

However, vendor reviews, good or bad, are not permitted on TPT so I will have to close this thread. I will not remove it, I'll just close it.
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