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Invert for 6-7PH 78-80F Blackwater Tank

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I am setting up a (loose) wild betta biotope and would like an invert to help clean up waste. (Currently bladder snail waste, but soon it will be betta waste.) I know that CRS can take the lower PH, but maybe not the higher temperature. Any experience keeping inverts in these conditions?
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Kh 2
GH 5
Water temp 82

Thats super interesting, I have a tetra tank at those params and cant keep neos going in it at all. But the amanos in it are still going after about 3 years. I'm guessing the hardness is too low for my neo variants? Then again I dont supplement the calcium in that tank either.
Possibly the hardness. Though, more likely a combination of the high temperature and hardness. With high temps, come shorter lifespans, different pathogens and other things we can't easily see or measure. Most dwarf shrimp are cool water critters, so I'd consider 82 extremely high for Neos.
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