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Hey guys,

Figured I'd give an introduction as I've been stalking the forums for a bit reading up on some information and give a little bit of info on my tank setup as it stands.

After getting into plants, I now have two loves in the fish world - medium sized Central/South American cichlids and plants. Definitely probably not the best combination, but it works.

Currently they are in a 90 gallon grow-out tank (48 x 18 inch) where they will eventually find their home in a larger tank (120 gallon 6 footer at least at adult size) which will come soon. I figured I would try the plant thing now, get some experience, and then have the chance to start with a clean tank with the larger tank come springtime.

Current stocklist:

2x Turquoise Severums (male/female pair, 4.5")
1x Green Terror (female, 3" already has laid eggs)
1x T-Bar Cichlid (unsexed, 2")
1x Firehead Cichlid (vieja synspila better known by, 4")
1x African Featherfin Catfish (a fat 6")

Only change to that stock in the end will be a troop of Corydoras to keep my substrate clean. :icon_smil Barring whether or not the Vieja is a male - I might fear for their lives if so (males can get 15-16", females are smaller and probably won't be as likely to predate on them).


As for the plants, I currently had two bags of Eco-Complete which had a layer of 1" gravel laid on it, then I added more gravel a bit later on. How much of that Eco-Complete remains I don't know as I was a little too picky about my hardscape/plants after filling and might have stirred it up (lesson learned).

Lighting at the moment is 4x65 watt Coralife with 10,000K bulbs.
Photoperiod is 12 hours.

I've picked up some fertilizers to start dosing (potassium and iron). There are some root tabs in there as well.

I've setup a DIY yeast CO2 bottle going out of an airstone into the inlet of a 400GPH powerhead to try and do my best to diffuse C02.

Plants I'm using at the moment (forgive me for being bad with scientific names, not that good yet :icon_smil) are:

Water Wysteria (grows like a weed)
Amazon Swords (standard kind you'd get in a store)
Micro Sword (just purchased one)
Anubias Nana (just purchased one)
Another plant (looks like moneywort with red on underside of leaves...)

Current issue I'm having is some brown algae on plant leaves... I'm reducing the photoperiod for that. It also occured in the few days my C02 had run out of sugar, so that might have had some cause.

1. Any recommendations on something for me to buy (besides a full C02 system at the moment) or change or do differently?

2. Any recommendations on a tough carpeting plant?
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Welcome to TPT!

Once you get pressurized CO2 on the tank you'll have more carpeting plant options, but for now I'd go with either E. tenellus (pygmy chain sword, and there's at least 4 different varieties that I know) or Dwarf Sagittaria.

Your "unknown" stem plant sounds like Ludwigia repens.

Some other plants to consider that are likely to stand up to your larger fish are Crypts, other swords (there's some that have gorgeous reds in them), Java ferns, and Anubias.
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