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Just found this place yesterday, since I was browsing the web looking for information to get me back into the aquarium hobby. Years ago (before marriage and kids) I worked at an exotic pet store along with most of my friends, and we were all into cool fish and planted tanks, among other things.

Then life happened. The 33L tank I had became a place to keep my python safe from kids and cats. Now that's been gone for awhile and the tank is sitting empty in storage. My son is getting to the age that he'd appreciate a nice aquarium, so the hobby is calling me back. So, at the moment I am looking to turn the 33L back into a planted tank. I've already got the stand, heater, HOT Magnum, and 4x55W CF fixture (I know, too much light for a shallow tank, but I'll set it off some), so all the big expenditures are already taken care of.

My favorite tank I ever had was a 90gal, half full, with archer fish. It was awesome. White's Tree Frogs, anableps, mudskippers, it was nice. I'm always dreaming of a way to make a better archer tank out of a 110X, and to work my orchids into the display, but I'm too poor right now.

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm sure I'll be asking questions soon enough.

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