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I'm not exactly new to the forum, I've been a "lurker" here for quite some time and I figured it was about time I said thanks for all the help! Im pursuing my masters degree in horticulture at LSU and have since combined my passion for horticulture with my interest in aquariums, and thus my planted tanks were born! I have a 75 gallon and 20 long. It wont be long and I'll be tearing down both of my tanks to establish them with some higher quality substrate for carpeting plants. The original gravel isn't getting the job done, as I should have realized from the start.

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Hopefully the study of horticulture will come in handy and lend an interesting perspective.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the tanks.

Remember pictures are always welcome.
I'll be sure to post some in a few days once my water clears up!
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