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Introduction and video of my planted tank

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Hello fellow planted tank enthusiasts!

Jimmy here, residing in the Pacific NW and I thought I'd share my tank with you guys/gals.

I've been fascinated with iwagumi/planted tanks for the past couple years and finally decided to jump in and give it a try myself, starting about 6 months ago. It's a 12 gallon book shelf nano tank, CO2 injected with a paintball kit and T5 HO 39w lighting.

Dwarf Baby Tears
Dwarf Hair Grass
Java Moss

Flourite Black
Amazonia (a buddy had some extra so I decided to use it as the top layer)

I used the dry start method to begin with for about 3-4 weeks before fully submerging. No issues with melting. I had a real horrible bout with hair algae weeks 5-7, which almost made me want to give up - until I introduced about 15 Amano shrimp, which worked wonders. I also decided to start dosing Excel, which seemed to help. No more algae problems since.

Anyway, here is my tank. Hope you guys enjoy the quick little video.


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You did a great job on your first planted aquarium. Did you remove some of the hairgrass as time passed, or do you keep it trimmed short?
Thanks! No, I just cut it really short a few days prior to the footage. The hairgrass was growing out of control so I cut it shorter than I normally would.

Your tank is sweet!
Welcome to the forum. Great video and tank!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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