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Hi to all

I'm new member and new in to the hobby :) Things are going bit slower cos in my local stores, thre is not much to choose, especially on plants and equipment. Hope i'll learn a lot here and start contributing with my knowledge at some point.
I started with 60 liters tank, i have live plants, 8 pepper cory, started with 5 Red cheryy shrimp,now are more then 20, and i have 4 Black Molly (3 females + 1 male).
I use substrate for plants and over it i use gravel (cos the substrate is to light to plant a plant in it and to stay),
and now on the tank glass (only on the front side and that is 4-5 m for the window on the opposite side) i have some brown algae that i find very hard to clean cos if i clean it i remove the gravel and my substrate goes up :(
I know this is funny question for experienced fish keepers, but i dont have idea how to clean it
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