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introducing plants/fish/whatever else from streams, rivers, and lakes

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I want to begin making a 10gallon aquarium bio from only the fish and plants in the local area. I have a small cast net I can use to get smaller species and can pick the plants I want with a little diving, just need to watch out for pike and muskellunge. Actually only thing you have to watch out for around here are snapping turtles..:)

The only thing I am worried about is mosquito larvae (I know there is a "mosquitofish") and parasites, can I just do a normal bleach dip to get rid of these, or are some hardier than this and need other methods to kill them?
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NANFA has a lot of info on collecting aquarium fish in the US. From lurking there it seems very important to put salt in the collection bucket because of some fungus they get from the stress of being collected.
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