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Introducing Myself!

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My Name is curt and I just wanted to say hi. I live in lakewood Colorado. I am looking for a good Plant forum and ran across this one. I am new to planted tanks but not Fish. Been keeping them the last 3 years. An I did keep them since I was 7ish. I did have a 5 year stinit of not having the room for a tank though.

I am also recently married and We received a 55 gal as a wedding present. I am going to be creating a south american tank. so I hope to have any questions I may have answered and I will catch you all round the bend.

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welcome to th forum,Im new here myself,there are alot of knowledgable people here.I have a SA tank myself.
Welcome to the forum!

55 gallon wedding present. I can see a 125 gallon tank as the 1st year anniversary :D
Welcome to the club.:thumbsup:
Welcome Curt. I was in your shoes about 4 or maybe 5 months ago. Been keeping fish for years so no stranger to fish tank husbandry. But there has been SUCH a sharp learning curve with this planted tank thing. Thank God I found this forum. It's really helped!

Just a little unsolicited advice, don't make the same mistakes I did, trying to get by with the cheapest equipment possible thinking it'll be ok, only to replace it in a month or two, spending twice the money in the end, not to mention to frustration.

I'll tell you that good quality lighting, ADA Aquasoil Amazonian substrate (IMO) or equivalent quality substrate, a good quality canister w/ spray bar, and Pressurized CO2 with in-line reactor will be invaluable and you're better off to save your money (if you need to) and buy the right stuff the first time.

Just food for thought. Do some research here and elsewhere to get a feel for how you want to set up your tank and Good Luck!!!!
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