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introducing my fish. feeding time video

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10 gallon planted.

before i get in trouble for overstocking, i do waterchanges 1x per week and have never had nitrate since the plants got established. most of the fish display breeding activity, but i never find eggs. my glowlight tetras are worse than guppies...

anyways, i dont know how to post the actual video, but ill provide a link to it.
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Neat. I assume that was frozen brine you are feeding?

Did you say your nitrates read zero? I'm not totally sure that's possible, and your plants would prob appreciate some in the water anyway.
i was feeding cyclop-eeze (freezedried). i feed my fish only frozen/freeze dried foods. flakes are for when im in a hurry and dont have time. i also feed live when i can.

the cheap dip test kits i get from petsmart are used to test nitrate. im sure there is a trace amount, but not enough for me to worry about. also, my plants grow faster than i want them to, so im not concerned with dosing fertilizers. i rely on fish waste to feed the plants and so far, everything is fine.

one problem though i have noticed is that after i took my DIY co2 off, my dwarf grass stopped growing and started dieing back. and then i started doseing "leaf zone" by api and by the end of last week i noticed the hair grass growing lots of new leaves. so again, i have nothing to worry about.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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