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Introduce myself

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Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself here, been coming to the site for a while but just recently registered... My main handle most people know me as is Nicklfire. Very active on . Been building hobby fish sites for a while and own 2 right now.. and ...

Basically been in the hobby for about 5 years now and got heavily into the high tech stuff but recently trying to get back into low tech... funny isnt it lol.

Current Hardware:
55 Gallon Tank
Coralife 2x65W 6700 Lighting
Laguna Uv Sterilizer
Eheim 2026 Pro II Canister filter
Aquaclear Powerhead (increased ciruclation)
Fully pressurized Co2 setup with rinox diffuser
Dosing EI and Trace
Fully Planted setup with about 20 tetras, 5 RCS, 4 Albino Corys, 1 Cory sterbai.

Will post up some pictures another day as i'm at work lol!

Going to begin a new journey with a rimless Shrimp tank.. probably start out with cherry shrimps and move my way up to bee and then to CRS. Should be ainteresting adventure... as long as the girlfriend does not mind haha.

So yea.. pretty active member and excited to be here, look forward to posting some pictures and helping out where i can and... get answers cause god knows we all need answers :)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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