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Intro, and asian biotope suggestions

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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Evan and I work for a small public aquarium. I have extensive experience with SW, from high tech reef tanks, to large elasmobrach systems, to cold water. I have some experience with FW systems (mainly raising anurans), but have never had a planted tank. I'm glad I found this forum. I've already learned quite a bit more about planted FW systems than I previously knew, including how successful low-tech planted tanks can be! :icon_smil

For some time I have had no real desire to have a tank at home, as I'm doing maintenance on systems all day at work. However, I have always wanted to set up a small, low maintenance Asian themed tank, and try my hand at breeding gouramis and/or shrimp. I have a few possible tanks to start this in, and wanted suggestions on which to go with, as well as plants to use.

I have a 7 gal. bowfront, and a standard ten gallon (I also have a 45 gal. that I could use, but I think I would like to start with a smaller system first, and I currently don't have any lighting for the 45). I am leaning toward the bowfront for aesthetic purposes. I was planning on using a 13-20 watt screw-in CF in a desk lamp, and a small HOB filter (not sure the brand off the top of my head). I am planning on putting java fern and/or java moss in, but would like a couple other low-light SEA species that would complement the tank, and provide some visual depth. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

One other question - With little fauna bioload in the tank, would a small powerhead with a sponge pre-filter be sufficient if I chose not to use the HOB filter? I would rather not have that bulky thing on there, and don't really want to invest in a canister filter if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance!

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You can use the powerhead or a small internal filter for $20.
And you'd be surprise with what you can grow in a low tech. I'm growing hair grass, dwarf sword, water lily, rotala, diandra, ludwagia, crypto, hygro, and a java fern.. This all in a 5G tank. They grow really slow but they're growing.

I don't use any lights except it's by a south facing window.
Also, think about a substrate. I have a soil substrate with schultz's aquasoil.
And instead of fish, I have plenty of cherry shrimps & mystery snails.

ps. classic asian plants are listed above except for the hair grass,diandra, ludwigia, & dwarf sword.
But I think it's ok to sneak in a foreign plant here or there.
Thanks for the input. I am leaning toward Pogostemon helferi, and Utricularia graminifolia in the foreground if I can find it. Will prolly get a crypto as well. I have a bag of Eco complete that I will be using, and I have everything together. I just have to go see what my local stores have available. I have a feeling I will likely have to obtain most of the plants I want over the net though. I've never seen much variety in the shops here, though I've never been looking for any plant in particular.

just don't have shrimps or snails with Utricularia graminifolia :)
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