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So I found these and was interested in their posted spectrums plus power output.
They look quite use-able for planted tanks,
Crudely analyzed their spectrums for the pink and white tubes.

No guarantee of accuracy but the white spec at about 6500k w/ a pink "blush" so to speak.
It looks like they add a nice broad red phosphor.
Same w/ the pink that probably skip the yellow/green phosphor in the white.
Didn't bother with the warm one but as you might guess just more red phosphor added.

They list each 4ft tube as 42W which is stronger than most LED t5 emulators.. AFAICT.
Par charts are listed.

Still has a cyan gap but CRI approaches 90 for the white.

you can daisy chain up to 6 units off their power supply ..I think.

DATA for white:
myData barrinawhite.txt [120°] x1

Luminous flux : 2,999 lm
Radiant flux : 15,349 mW
PPF : 67.4 umol/s
TCP : 6760 K
CRI : 91
λp : 447 nm
Color : #FF89A5

Irradiance : 18.1 W/m²/s
Illuminance : 3,536 lx
PPFD : 79.4 umol/m²/s

lumens estimated so not accurate
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