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Interesting color morph in my carbon rili tank

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I've been pretty busy lately and haven't been paying as close attention to my tanks so I was pretty surprised to see this interesting morph in my rili tank. Sorry for the cruddy phone pictures but you can get an idea of the color.


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At least it got some size to it before you got all excited over it.
I "found" the one in the link in my tank before it got that size and only saw it the one time when I took the picture of it. Never saw it clue what happened.
Since I doubt anyone would guess it, it's a common RCS baby about just a bit over 1/2"
Thanks! I'm debating trying to work with the strain but my time is so limited due to work :/
You can do eeeeet! :)

Super easy. Set up a 2nd tank to same params, place it in the tank (after biofilm/acclimation), and put 2-3 of opposite sex in the tank close to the trait you would like. Then cross your fingers they'll breed. Once shrimplets hatch out, then you ponder what to do next- but one step at a time. Baby isn't so complicated that way. :)
Well I do have a cycled 10 gallon sitting over there empty...
Loving this! It even has Rili pattern! I noticed some of my carbons have a green/yellow hue on the sides of their head. I hope you find the time to work on this strain as it is really beautiful!
Nice, very interesting! I agree, do eeeet!
Okay you folks talked me into trying. I will make sure the water params in the empty 10 gallon I have match the existing tank and move her this weekend. The hard part will be figuring out which males to put there with her. The carbons I have run the gamut from being completely clear with the black markings to deep blue with black.
From the photo, your shrimp looks male, unless just the angle :)

I think I would go with clear midsection to breed to for a variety of different reasons. The main being I would think you'd want to influence the high contrast, and blue may obscure the gold from underneath.
(cleans off glasses)
Hmm...yeah Im sure you are right SoothingShrimp. Ive got some clear midsection females I will go through them and setup a breeding experiment :)
Good luck with the breeding project, feel free to post a picture of your shrimp in the thread under my signature.
Thanks, I will try and get better pictures.
Looking forward to seeing your set up and hopefully berries soon. :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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