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I'm interested in a nano for my desk. Right now I have a betta bowl full of Java Moss. While I do love my java moss, I want something a little different. I'm thinking a 1-1.5g with low light. I don't have many places available to buy tanks, so I am likely to just pick up one of the kits from Wal Mart or get this Tetra Whisper 1.5g kit online. I am sure that one day, it will become an "overflow" fry tank for my guppies.

Plant suggestions?
Substrate suggestions? The only aquatic soil I have available is a "pond soil" that is "suitable for all aquatic gardens".

I don't plan to use any rocks, driftwood or other decoration, since they decrease the amount of water in the tank so much and don't do anything to keep it clean. Unless of course, I am tying a java fern to a tiny piece of driftwood or some java moss to a thin piece of slate.
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Do you have 2.5g AGA tank available where you are? Because that would be a great size tank to use. It would give you more water volume and room for plants. For such as small tank look for plants tank stay small or can be trimmed to stay small. Anubias, Crypts, Java Moss, etc are all good low light plants. Substrate is all personal preferrence but Flourite or Eco complete are good plant substrates. I use Flourite and really like it.
For some plant suggestions, see my. Sorry, the plants are not (yet) arranged by the light levels...
I use the same type of 'aquatic soil' you have and it works really well if your fish don't pull up your plants. In a nano, it is really great stuff to use.
I say hit up petco and grab their 6 gallon shelf tank. Has the surface area of roughly a 10long. and comes with mostthe basics you will need. TAnk, hood filter. Light can be converted with AHS single or dual 13w PC.
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