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Intake and Spraybar locations...

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I just got my 2215 delivered and will set it up in a few days. I've had a HOB up to now. My tank is a 26gal bow front.

My plan is to have the intake in one back corner and the spraybar mounted vertically in the other back corner. I may drill holes 90 degrees from the others so 1/2 the water goes towards the front and the other along the back.

I am rescaping with heavier planting in one corner.Here's my question - What should be behind the heavier planted area, the intake or the spraybar?


PS - any other related ideas are appreciated too
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any thoughts?

Do I have to learn from my own trial and error?:icon_neut I was sure hoping to learn from yours!:icon_mrgr
You have your input and output arranged in almost the exact same way that I do. Although I had never thought about adding some more 90 degree holes ... I very much like that idea. Maybe I'll do that today! ;)

Onto your question though, it really doesn't matter. I would leave an inch or two of free water around both the input and output, just to keep them free of plant leaves (input) and to avoid having the output batter any of your plants.

On the whole, it really doesn't matter that much, as you're still going to have plenty water cycling through your filtration system at any given time. Just keep a small area of clear water around each, and (at least in my experience) you'll have no problems.
I agree with colin. It really doesn't matter where you put them, but make sure you don't have too big of plants in front of the output or it will batter them. Since my intake is so low, it is hidden behind giant grass and never clogs up.
Good stuff - thanks

what about the idea of drilling the holes pointing down away from the surface? I guess even - how is the best way to drill the holes? is important before I bust my new and only, spraybar.
Don't drill at all :p

Sometimes the ideal way to set the spray bar is at the side of the tank horizontally and at the top, with the holes facing towards the opposite side of the tank.
Thanks, but I want to mount it vertically for 2 reasons; 1) less surface movement since I have lots of floating plants and 2) I think it will move the water more thoroughly

Finally get to set it up later today!
complete and successful!

Just to let you know - this worked out great!
I'm working on a vert. spraybar also. I'm planning on drilling larger holes towards the bottom to even out the flow. Has anyone done this? If so, post the details, I'd appreciate it.

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